EC03 chair com Recliner wth Laptop / Tablet Arms


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Stress Free Ergonomic Recliner 

Jointing the desk and chair functions , surf the internet freely and relax. Maybe work in office too like this 

Length: 1460mm / 57.48 inches

Width: 800mm / 31.5 inches

Height: 1070mm / 42.13inches

Recline for  refined taste, style and comfort .conform to ergonomic posture requirements .

Flexible arm for laptop and monitor can help keep comfortable posture and comfort all day 

Apply the design of jointing the desk and chair, thus synchronize human body with it

Manufacturing process involves several crafts as overall glass reinforced plastics, highclass metallic painting, panel mould     pressing, wood bending, fabric sofa and aluminum brushing, endowing the product with higher texture.

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